Greg Mirzoyan

Photo by Laurent Auxietre.

About Me

Greg Mirzoyan, Photographer and Director

1982: Paris > Greg Mirzoyan shows up
1983: Walks then runs
1986: Greg starts learning how to read and write
1988: Greg learns how to roller-skate and finds it enjoyable (he'll never stop)
1996: Greg takes aggressive inline skating very seriously and starts meeting people in the scene and competing
2004: Greg wins a competition and uses the prize money to buy a camera (this is where it starts)
2005: After having tried many different subjects, Greg ends his study of Sport Sciences to move to England and start taking photography seriously 2007: Greg pops to India for 5 weeks to start a portrait series and follows on by moving to Switzerland
2008: Greg moves back to Paris and does a few exhibitions (Hotel de Ville de Paris, Grand Palais, place des Vosges, bars and offices) and starts working for Rollerblade international as a pro skater and Urban segment promoter 2009: Greg starts making videos and directs a number of projects for various clients from advertising to urban sports
2010: Greg takes over most of the visual projects including photo (catalogue, AD...) and video (tours, ITWs, skate presentations, ...) for Rollerblade.
2011 to present: Greg moves to Barcelona, Spain as he thinks it's a bit chilly in Paris and wouldn't mind learning Spanish... Besides these experiences, photography and skating have taken Greg through Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Russia, China, South America Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, UAE and of course Greg finds himself regularly travelling through Europe and USA to handle his assignments.

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